Kali Nethunter for the NVIDIA Shield Tablet

Hello all,
Last week I wanted to add Android 7 support to Kali Nethunter for the NVIDIA Shield Tablet.

I used to have a Nexus 9 with Nethunter (for which I built a Nougat kernel as well: https://github.com/SecurityAddicted/ElementalX-N9-Nethunter – now merged into Nethunter main repo) which did an awesome work, but unfortunately Wi-Fi/Bluetooth suddenly didn’t work anymore (it seems prone to damage to the internal wireless chip, lots of malfunctioning mainboards can be found on eBay), so I bought a Shield Tablet to replace it.

It’s a nice piece of hardware, almost as fast as the N9 (but it misses the 64bit architecture), a bit smaller (but still good to work on) and definitely lighter. However, current Nethunter only has support to Android 5.1 and 6, and I didn’t want to work in such old platforms with unpatched security vulns (KRACK anyone?), but wanted to stay up-to-date with the current LineageOS release for the Shield Tablet.

After a few hours of work, I finally built a new kernel using the awesome work of BitOBSessiOn (https://github.com/BitOBSessiOn/android_kernel_nvidia_shieldtablet) with patches on top to enable the features needed by Nethunter. I’m running the kernel since a few days without problems.

I submitted the pull request to the official Nethunter repo (https://github.com/offensive-security/nethunter-devices/pull/125), but while it is accepted into the mainline, a test build can be downloaded from https://mega.nz/#!A0xVwQwA!QETEOWj-a5p6Wzbf11UaSp51b4fShyazOVqzdvDdujQ

Please report any bug here or in the Github page of the project (https://github.com/SecurityAddicted/android_kernel_nvidia_shieldtablet).



8 thoughts on “Kali Nethunter for the NVIDIA Shield Tablet”

  1. Is this for the K1 and/or the original Nvidia Shield? I’m running Kali NH on 6.0 currently and hoping to upgrade to 7.0 like you. Thanks, in advance, for your time!

    1. Mine is a K1 but it should work on the original as well since there are no hardware differences between the two.

  2. Hi, I was unable to flash the test build using TWRP. getting ERROR:1 message. any idea what should I do ? using K1 and lastest LindageOS. Thanks

  3. Hello Dev,

    Would it be possible to merrge the kexec hardboot patch and the wireguard vpn patch to this kernel? I would support your efforts with BTC or paypal funding. Looking forward to the greates nethunter tablet on earth (-:

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