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Kali Nethunter for the NVIDIA Shield Tablet

Hello all,
Last week I wanted to add Android 7 support to Kali Nethunter for the NVIDIA Shield Tablet.

I used to have a Nexus 9 with Nethunter (for which I built a Nougat kernel as well: – now merged into Nethunter main repo) which did an awesome work, but unfortunately Wi-Fi/Bluetooth suddenly didn’t work anymore (it seems prone to damage to the internal wireless chip, lots of malfunctioning mainboards can be found on eBay), so I bought a Shield Tablet to replace it.

It’s a nice piece of hardware, almost as fast as the N9 (but it misses the 64bit architecture), a bit smaller (but still good to work on) and definitely lighter. However, current Nethunter only has support to Android 5.1 and 6, and I didn’t want to work in such old platforms with unpatched security vulns (KRACK anyone?), but wanted to stay up-to-date with the current LineageOS release for the Shield Tablet.

After a few hours of work, I finally built a new kernel using the awesome work of BitOBSessiOn ( with patches on top to enable the features needed by Nethunter. I’m running the kernel since a few days without problems.

I submitted the pull request to the official Nethunter repo (, but while it is accepted into the mainline, a test build can be downloaded from!A0xVwQwA!QETEOWj-a5p6Wzbf11UaSp51b4fShyazOVqzdvDdujQ

Please report any bug here or in the Github page of the project (



Good news

Hi to all!

Today I’ve completed my personal 10 month security training schedule, and I gained my Offensive Security OSCP and OSCE certifications!

These months have been very fun and challenging, and now I feel more prepared than ever! I recommend these courses to anyone that would acquire some deep understanding of information security in his very practical aspects. Obviously, some prerequisites are necessary, but the most important is willingness.

Here some advice for anyone wants to start these courses:

  • For OSCP (PWK course) I recommend to read all the course materials first, then dive deep into the labs. Try to own all the machines, with and without Metasploit (even if its use is restricted into the exam, you should take advantage of the lab to learn it, because it will be your best friend in a future work in security). Research all topics in what you’ll find yourself weak. Try, try, try.
  • For OSCE (CTP course) I recommend to read all the course materials and do all the exercises. Then, read thru all the Corelan Exploit Writing tutorials (VERY recommended!) and perform all the guided exercises. Lastly, create a little lab (some Windows VMs and a Kali VM) and redo ALL the exercises in the course materials. If you have time, try to fuzz some applications and create exploits for the vulns you’ll find.

And remember, when things start go wrong and you feel tired, it’s time to TRY HARDER!

TV interview (in italian) to an exponent of Anonymous

Yesterday in Italy an interview to an exponent of Anonymous was aired on TV.

These are some Q/A’s:


D: Cos’è Anonymous

R: Anonymous è un insieme di persone di qualsiasi tipo, età, natura e provenienza che lotta per un ideale, la libertà di espressione e la libertà di comunicazione. Non ha colore politico.

D: Qual è l’obiettivo di Anonymous

R: Garantire la libertà di informazione nei posti in cui sono i governi a limitarla.

D: Com’è organizzata?

R: Anonymous non è organizzata. Non ha una struttura, non ha una gerarchia, non ha capi. Il segreto sta nel cercare di organizzare in piccole cellule un’attività, un programma. Esistono dei gruppi di persone un po’ più responsabili che cercano di coordinare le varie attività.


You can watch the video HERE.

Finally here!!!

Hi to all!!!

Finally Security Addicted is here!!!

Security Addicted is the new resource for the Internet underground.

In the last years Internet has pervaded the real world and has changed our habits.

We dream to help people establish trust with all the opportunities that can be found on Internet.

Ok, now it’s time to start work.

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