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[HOWTO] Setup your debugging and reverse engineering environment with Python tools

Hi to all, today I’ll explain how to install some Python tools for debugging and reverse engineering under a Windows XP box.
These tools are:

  • Python 2.7 (obviously)
  • Immunity Debugger (great debugger completely scriptable in Python)
  • pefile (Python library for inspecting PE file format)
  • pydasm (Python library for disassembly binary code)
  • paimei (reverse engineering framework written in Python)
  • pydbg (pure-Python win32 debugger interface)

Python 2.7 and Immunity Debugger
We can start with the installation of Immunity Debugger. He will installs also the Python 2.7 interpreter on our system.
Download it from the Immunity website (or from here if you don’t want to register). Say Yes when he asks for the permission to install Python (you should install it in the default path specified by the installer).
When the installation is finished, then it’s important to add the Python path to your system PATH, so you can run it from anywhere in the system.

Download the latest version of pefile from here, unzip it in a folder and run within this folder the following command:

Download pydasm from here, unzip it in a folder and run within this folder the following command:

paimei & pydbg
Download paimei from here and pydbg from here. Now unzip paimei, it will create a folder named paimei-master. Unzip pydbg, move all pydbg files under paimei-master\pydbg, open a cmd window within paimei-master and launch the command:

Now, go to C:\Python27\Lib\site-packages\pydbg and delete the pydasm.pyd file (it’s compiled for an older python version and it causes the pydbg library not to load)

Now all these tools are properly installed and ready to go.
Enjoy 😉