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Weaponizing the GL.iNet GL-AR150

UPDATE 06/02/2019:

I apologize for the delay I’m posting this. Unfortunately for me has become too time consuming maintaining this firmware port. Additionally, Hak5 seems to have started embedding hardware checks into their binaries.

Since I use this device for work, I don’t want to bother solving firmware problems while I should focus on the actual work, so I’m deprecating this project. The last working version will be 2.0.2, and no other updates on this project will be released from my side.

I actually bought one of the amazing Hak5 Pineapples to have peace of mind so when I need it, it works as expected.

Thanks for all the interesting this project has attracted over the years, it has been much appreciated!

UPDATE 15/01/2018:

Please make sure you use the TP-Link TL-WN722N version 1, as version 2 is not compatible. In general, all WiFi adapters using the Atheros AR9271 chip should work fine.

Also, I’ve updated the firmware into the Github repo to the latest Pineapple v2.0.2 firmware.

Hi all, so much time since I posted something here. I’ll try to post more regularly from now on.

Last week I was wondering if somebody had ported the latest Pineapple firmware (v.1.1.3) to the GL-AR150. As you may know, this small router has the same hardware of the WiFi Pineapple Nano (minus the second radio, of course, but there is an USB port to which you can plug a wifi adapter).

After spending some time looking for it without luck, I tried to build it myself.

Patrick Sapinski, on his own blog, posted earlier this year a small guide to do that, and it has been very helpful for me as starting point.

Those are the steps I followed to build a working WiFi Pineapple firmware for the GL-AR150:

Just remember, in make menuconfig, to select the GL-AR150 as target and to include the driver of the USB WiFi adapter you’re going to use (you must use one, the pineapple firmware is mostly useless without the second WiFi interface).

For your convenience, the firmware I built is available on my Github repo at https://github.com/SecurityAddicted/pineapple-ar150

I compiled it with support to all common USB WiFi adapters (I tested it with a TP-Link TL-WN722N).

Hope some of you will find this useful.